Finding that perfect, authentic looking Mediterranean pot for your cherished Yucca can be a challenge. However, the beauty of online shopping is that you can essentially visit a dozen garden centres in a matter of minutes. It’s even quicker if somebody else finds them for you!

So we’ve researched and selected some wonderful examples of Mediterranean pots from online retailers for your perusal – so that the right pot comes to you.

Before we jump in, one point worthy of note is that many terracotta pots will actually leach a small amount of clay minerals to the outer surface the older the pot becomes. Fear not! This only enhances the character of each pot, creating a totally individual and naturally aged appearance and is entirely harmless to the plant.

Exara Terracotta Pot (30cm)

More than an autenthic look, these gorgeous terracotta pots are Mediterranean! Embellished with a classic Minoan ribbed pattern, they have been individually handmade on the Mediterranean island of Crete. The pots have been ‘thrown’ using fine quality local clays and crafted using techniques that have been passed down through the ages for over 12,000 years. The techniques used during kilning have created a pot that is frost resistant down to -20 degrees. It even includes a 50, yes 50 year frost proof guarantee. Measuring 30cm in diameter and height and complete with drainage holes, it will make the perfect home for any Mediterranean plant.

Thrapsano Terracotta Pot (2 sizes)

So good was the Exara (above) we simply had to feature its ‘sister’ pot, the Thrapsano. Featuring a classical Grecian urn-style handle design and crafted using exactly the same techniques as the Exara it too comes complete with the same 50 year frost proof guarantee. The Thrapsano is available in both 30cm and 35cm diameter options with the latter being 40cm in height. The pot looks equally at home in the garden either planted or left empty, its urn styling creating a traditional Mediterranean feel.

Terracotta Babylon Hanging Pot(s)

On their own, they are nice addition to any wall – however, pair them together or combine into a cluster of 3 and you’ve single handedly managed to recreate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in your own back garden! They look even more at home against a pale or white washed wall and are complete with drainage holes if you wish to add plants or simply leave them empty. With 3 sizes available why not create a charming ‘family’ of 3 using different sized pots. To keep both rope and pot healthy, a little winter protection might be advised during really cold spells, but for most of year, simply enjoy them…hanging around.

Turkish Terracotta Pot 60cm

Despite being Tuscan in design, these pots are actually handmade in Turkey by a family of potters on the Aegean coast. A variety of sizes are available, including this large 60cm diameter pot – ideal for holding a large Mediterranean shrub or palm. Having been fired to 1080oC the pots are frost resistant and their handmade nature creates a uniqueness to each pot.

Antique Amphora Water Butt

No, not a pot in the truest sense and neither terracotta clay, but wow, what an impact this makes in any garden. At this grandest of sizes, a clay vase would be impossible to move, so we should be thankful for its 20kg.

Old Ironstone Jar Planter

The Old Ironstone Jar Planter from Harrod Horticultural is a sturdy, heavyweight pot measuring an impressive 88cm in in height. The diameter of the pot allows for the planting of mature perennials and specimen trees within it’s 48cm planting area. These large pots are sand blasted by hand to achieve a pitted, antique finish with weathered appearance and then fired to create a frost and UV resistant, durable planter. Please note that the pots are delivered kerbside – so special arrangements should be made if you need the pot moving to another location. An initial, minor technicality for an otherwise beast of pot that shouldn’t be moving anywhere fast during gale force winds.

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